Asset Location


The gathering and verification of pertinent financial information for the purpose of the enforcement of money judgments, settlement approval or portfolio evaluation. Searches can focus on individuals, married couples, businesses and even conglomerates.


Before you decide to close a file. The decision to invest only a few dollars can mean the difference between closing a file, amending a file or collecting a money judgment.

Why use Asset Source International

  • When performing an asset search, we search hundreds of databases as a starting point.
  • Searches are tailored to meet the needs of each client. If you only want certain pieces of information, we’ll build a custom search for you.
  • If a debtor has no assets or very limited assets, we do not charge a full price for the search. You will only be billed a small processing fee and still get a complete report.
  • Our nine fully staffed offices across the globe enable us to locate anyone on most continents at extremely reasonable rates.