Skip Tracing

WhatLocating a witness, defendant or an additional party for the purpose of service of process, satisfaction of a court order, collection procedure or to satisfy a prerequisite for an asset search.When If your debtor or witness has “skipped town” and you need the correct information before you... more
Asset Location

WhatThe gathering and verification of pertinent financial information for the purpose of the enforcement of money judgments, settlement approval or portfolio evaluation. Searches can focus on individuals, married couples, businesses and even conglomerates.WhenBefore you decide to close a file. The... more
Public Records Searches

WhatA search of federal, state, county, or other records to ascertain or verify information. Searches will reveal corporate records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, civil suits and property ownership abstracts.WhenPrior to settlement negotiation and litigation. All too often the decision is made... more
Employment Searches

WhatIdentification of an individual’s place of employment for the purpose of service of process, satisfaction of a court order or collection procedure.WhenBefore you decide to close a file. The decision to invest only a few dollars can mean the difference between closing a file or collecting a... more